signature talks & Workshops

  • Is This Heresy? ~ Putting on Christ to Build a New Earth

Are you wondering if you have to start all over to expand your spirituality into new belief systems? Maybe it's a changing of the ingredients you already have on hand and putting them together in new to you ways. That is spiritual alchemizing. Discovering what you are and activating your consciousness to its highest form, described in western scripture. The New Earth will be the result of our effort to make ourselves new, and living fully into our eternal Christ Consciousness vessels.

  • Breath of Spirit ~ Breathwork for Spiritual Path Activation

Breath is the current upon which God rides and when you ride the current that was meant for you, it lights up. If it's not your path it won't light up. It won't be a spiritual path, only a mental path. Breathwork is spiritual work, and it increases your physical vessel's ability to tune into God's specific message for you, with lasting benefits to you. Instead of waiting for God, this is bringing God. Embodying God. Group Breathwork sessions available at an additional cost. 

  • Simplifying Sovereignty ~ Reveal Your Inner Master

Your inner master is waiting to be uncovered. The first step is putting on your digging clothes. The uniform reveals the master. Clothing yourself in Christ Consciousness, you alert yourself to breathe holy breath. When fueled with source you separate yourself from the herd. This choice to breathe with intent is your first step in sovereignty. Becoming comfortable with choosing creates momentum and lasting sovereignty to rule your inner life and manifest your highest good, which is the collective's highest good.