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About us

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The shop will be closed from July 7- 14th. We are a family of healing professionals focused on helping you obtain higher levels of clarity and consciousness in your life through a holistic approach of energy medicine, crystals and incense.


meet the owners

Jason is a father, business owner, loving husband to Ashley, and a former Lutheran pastor. In addition to being attuned to several kinds of Reiki, he uses Reconnective Healing, Bars, light language and many other forms of energy medicine to affect change in the clients body, mind and spirit. 

Clairgnostic and Clairaudient abilities inform his intuitive readings and coaching on a wide variety of subjects. Having worked with pastors, shamans, gurus, ufologists, clairvoyants, channelers, crystal healers, tool makers, plant medicines, and mystics of all sort and kinds he is well positioned to guide you as you expand your awareness, consciousness, business or non-profit. 


Ashley is a mom, business owner, USMC Veteran and a loving wife to Jason. When she's not at home raising baby Abaigael or writing her latest book, you can find her at the shop helping hold space and assisting clients in finding their path toward expanded consciousness and energetic healing.

Ashley has been practicing and teaching yoga for many years. Her passion & specialty is body confidence through trapeze yoga for busy moms.

Yoga Trapeze sessions makes standard mat Yoga more accessible by taking tension off your muscles and joints. This session is beneficial for any women, including those differently abled and recovering from physical injury, ready to take charge of their spiritual health. Must be booked in advanced.

"In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being. " - Nikola Tesla

good vibes

We have the tools and services to help you. Relax, release what no longer serves you, reconnect to your soul, your purpose. 


Not sure which service might be right for you? No Problem!
We'll help you get the right product or service for your needs and we'll make it easy!


Crystals work with the energies of your body to heal and shift your vibration in a number of ways depending on the type of crystal. They can reduce stress, shorten migraines, open and clear chakras, aide in meditation, and speed up physical recovery. We have several to choose from at the shop.


Incense used to "condition" this "empty" space by shifting or clearing the space based on the content of the incense. Incense is used for ceremony, meditation, or simply because you like the smell and it makes your space feel brighter and more positive. Let us help you choose the type and method that works best for you.

reiki Services

Expand Your Consciousness, Clear Your Energy, Connect to Your Soul... Sessions with jason include a combination of reiki & many other energy work modalities.

Cleanse uses primarily Reiki (all-kinds) that has been available in the West for about 60 years. It involves channeling divine energy into the clients energy and light body to unblock energy flow that may be the root cause of many common things such as stress and anxiety. The session will align, clear, balance and activate all chakras as well as remove other types of energetic maladies. Ask us what it can do for your challenges. This session is 60 minutes. $111

This session utilizes Reconnective Healing to bypass any blocks you have and connects you with your soul to receive light and information that is for your highest good in this now moment. This session is 30 minutes. $111

This session uses galactic light-channel illumination and guided questioning to integrate new energy and knowing into your body and mind. This session is 60 minutes. $111

Reiki Sessions

Tarot & coaching

Short sessions of 15 or 30 minutes using the Tarot. Here you can get a snapshot of how your energy is creating your life and the likely outcome of that energy if you continue on your current path. Cost is $27/15min and $54/30min for readings.

A deeper engagement with your life or business strategies. Known also as Life Coaching or Strategic Planning, we can find unseen paths forward to help you, your business, or your non-profit obtain greater purpose and function.  Billed at $111/hour.

Tarot sessions are available in-person only. Walk-in or call ahead for availability

This session is relaxing in a blessed copper pyramid with an iTorus PEMF device to enhance the expansion of consciousness and reduce pain and stress. Sessions are 20 minutes for $33.00

Copper Pyramid

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our Testimonials

New Dimensions offers much-needed service to the Brenham area. Jason's energy work services are transformative and life-altering!


After being to sooooo many energy practitioners over the last 20 years I can easily say my experience at New Dimensions has been the best. I've done all the sessions offered and can't say enough good things. One of the best things I've ever done for my mental and physical health.


Jason has changed my life for the better. He truly has a gift for making ascension simple.  


Some FAQ’s

Reiki is an energy healing modality that allows for the practitioner to channel universal life force energy through the hands without touching the client. In order to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit.  The client is fully clothed on a massage table. Reiki allows you to release what's holding you back. So you can get back on your path.

Monday and Tuesday 9a-6p. Or Wednesday - Saturday 9a-10a or 5p-6p.

For a 15 minute session it's often possible to walk right in as long as it's not very busy. Otherwise call in anytime to come by as the shop is closing at 6p Wednesday through Saturday.







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